The cycle boxes of BikeParkBox can be installed at railway stations or a Bike&Ride-Station as well as on company grounds, on the campus of a university or by a long-distance cycle path. The use of the boxes can take place at all affiliated locations either via the cloud-based BikeParkBox por­tal, or as an on-site system exclusively for your own company.
Reserve and pay

Rent and pay for cycle boxes throughout Germany or on the campus: via app or with a chipcard

Cyclists can use the system simply with their smartphone, from registra­tion, reservations and payment to the opening of the cycle box. The inte­gration of existing chipcards and payment systems is also possible, for example with the works ID of the company concerned or the student ID of a university.

In this way you can offer both occasional users and regulars a comforta­ble, secure and well-planned system for the storage of valuable bicycles and personal items.

The BikeParkBox is available in many different versions: for individual cyc­les and as a complete solution for large storage areas providing secure protection from theft, vandalism and weather. The modular arrangement permits the system of cycle boxes to be subsequently extended at any time.

Reserve and pay

With the innovative user concept you will be the operator of your own cycle boxes at your location. The BikeParkBox system takes over reservations, management and accoun­ting for the fees that are due.

Users can book their personal box via smar­tphone app and pay conveniently via the app or with the credit balance on their chip­card. So you as an operator generate inco­me as a sideline from the use of the boxes or the charging stations for e-bikes.

For perfect protection against theft, vandalism and weather

Store luggage safely

For everything that matters to cyclists

Each BikeParkBox can be locked separately and is theft-proof and not obs­ervable. Users therefore have a private and protected space for their bicy­cle, child seat or baby buggy, or their longboard or shopping and other pe­rsonal items.

In addition to the temporary garage for your bicycle it also acquires a spe­cial “storage boot” - for just an hour, a day, a whole week or even longer.

Store luggage safely

Not just your bicycle – your helmet, your lu­ggage or your clothing will also have a secu­re and dry storage place in the box.

Incidentally, both comfort and security have been tested and certified by the ADFC.

The boxes shown are products of ORION Bausysteme GmbH.

In many versions, for every type of use and ready for the future

Variable and modular

Depending on the location and the demand, you can combine as many cy­cle boxes as you like to form an integral system. The boxes are available in many forms and colours and can even be individually designed upon requ­est.

Optional for e-bikes

Power from a 230-volt power socket can be used inside the cycle box via an integrated energy column, so that e-bike batteries can be charged directly inside the box.

Register, download app and rent any free BikeParkBox immediately.

Register online
Rent box

1. Register online

The first registration is very easy and takes just a few minutes on In addition to contact data, the user registers the preferred payment method and thereby sets up his or her personal BikeParkBox account.

2. Download app

The smartphone app will be linked to the account with the code sent via e-mail. The user can change his or her personal data at any time by logging in again, or can see trans­actions or delete his or her acco­unt.

3. Rent box

Once you have registered, you can rent any free BikeParkBox online or even more con­veniently via app. After you have chosen your location and the desired rental period, all the available boxes will be located and shown.

Book and pay via app, open and check account

Book a box
Box öffnen

Book a box

The search for your preferred location and the appropriate rental period will show all boxes available. The size of the boxes, charging facilities for e-bikes and the rental price will be shown in each case. An unoccupied box can then be selected and booked. Your reserva­tion confirmation will be shown in the app and sent via e-mail immediately.

Open the box

Once you arrive at the bike box you have booked, you open the door by clicking on the app – there are no detours and no waiting times. All the smartphone requires is an active internet connection. If the online connection is interrupted, you can alternatively open the door at a terminal with the emergency PIN generated when booking.


Information concerning all bookings and every time the door is opened will be shown in the app in the form of a history, together with the end of the rental period and – if the period is ex­ceeded – the additional payment due or any possible payment credit if the rental is terminated early. The user will also find detailed reports and all billing in his or her personal web account.

Open and pay with the chipcard, statistics for the operator

Open the box with the chipcard and make payments

Open the box with the chipcard and make payments

In locations with closed circles of users, the boxes can also be open­ed with a chipcard. Existing cards or transponders using current te­chnologies can usually be used. The box is opened at a chipcard reader in the vicinity of the box.
Payment can be made when book­ing via direct debit or via a deduc­tion from the wages account or from the credit balance on the ref­ectory card. In the case of spontan­eous use, it is also possible to pay directly when the box is opened, and the combination of opening via chipcard and payment via app is a further option.


In the web portal operators will find various reports on the utilisation of the facility and the associated income. They can manage their boxes and determine possible rental periods and appropriate rental prices. Of co­urse the data is collected in a manner that conforms with DSGVO regulations.

You can obtain data sheets and further information regarding our products as well as comprehensive advice from our sales staff.